When does the merge for my community start?

    The Global Merge for OGame.xx starts on Month Day at XX:XX and runs until Month Day at XX:XX.

    Can I still create a new account?

    It is possible to create an account on the targets, but the registration will be closed for all the Exodus servers before the beginning of the Global Merge. Please bear in mind that if you have an account on the target server, it won’t be displayed as an option for the exodus account. Make sure not to accidentally create new accounts on the targets; if you’re curious about those universe's state, it is possible to do so by checking MMOrpg-stats.

    Where can I move my account?

    You can move your account to any possible target of the group where your universe is. There are no restrictions (top, resources, server age) to where you can move the account; the group itself is the only imposed restriction.

    Not all targets are showing up! What do I do?

    It might happen that the desired target doesn't show immediately for you to select. In this case, if you want we can help to move the account but for that we will need some steps:

    - Select one of the available targets that you have and transfer the account there.

    - Do not interact with the "bridge" universe (read: stay in vacation mode and do not do anything). - Send us a support ticket with which bridge universe you used and your desired target.

    - Shoot a staff member a PM with your ticket number so we can try and get you merged as quickly as possible.

    These steps are needed for you to have the free relocations since a manual merge of the account won't grant any relocations or perks.

    I merged my account and it's showing as banned!

    This is normal and is done to ensure the merge is done correctly. The original account will be banned and deleted, and the new account will be unbanned as soon as all is copied to the new server.

    Please only send in a ticket about this if your account is still banned after the time shown on your lobby.

    Will my planets be in the same spot in the target as they were in the exodus universe?

    We will make every effort to place your planets where they were in your exodus universe, however, it might not be possible. In cases where it is not possible, there will be a free relocation provided (one per repositioned planet) which can be used at a later date.

    Will players with accounts in target universes get free planet relocations?

    No. Only players leaving exodus universes are eligible for free planet relocations.

    What should I do if I can only merge my account to a universe where I already have an account?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to merge the two accounts into one and it is not allowed to play more than one account per universe. In this case you must place one of the accounts into v-mode and leave it in v-mode permanently. You are allowed to log into the account once every 30 days to prevent it from deleting. This will allow you to find a new owner for the account which can be exchanged using the Gameforge lobby account gifting tokens.

    Is it possible to merge to another community with this merge?

    Only after all the OGame communities are merged we will be able to search for a target on other communities. Please bear in mind that this is an exception only for the Global Merges and if there is no possible target on the main community.

    Is it possible to merge from an exodus universe in one group to a target in the other group?

    No, you can only merge into target universes in the same group.

    Are we blocking the creation of new accounts in target universes?

    No, the only account creation which will be blocked is in the exodus universes.

    Does the top 20 rule apply to this merge?

    No. This is a forced merge so any target may be selected regardless of a player's rank.

    Are there any plans to implement an attack ban before/during/after the merges?

    The only time an attack ban will be implemented is if something goes wrong. At this time, there are no plans to implement any attack bans.

    Will it be possible to alter the target server settings once the merges are completed?

    Once all the dust of the merges settles, server polls should be available for server setting changes which includes the ability to change a particular fleet speed setting such as the peaceful fleet speed setting. These polls will follow the standard server change poll process.

    If I transfer my account to a target universe while the login event is ongoing, will my tritium transfer over?

    No. Any tritium obtained won't carry over to the target universe and you'll lose all progress with the login event prior to that point, meaning that you'll start from tier 1 again.

    What about my queues, buddies, chats, DebrisFields, WreckFields, etc?

    Here’s an overview of what is and is not transferred:

    - Wreckfields are transferred

    - Debrisfields are not transferred

    - Active boosters and bonus (Trader, better Scrap Merchant percentage, etc) will be transferred

    - Daily bonus from Import/Export is transferred

    - Messages will be deleted (including favorites, notes and battle reports)

    - Chats will be deleted

    - Ongoing Buildings/Researches will be transferred and adapted to the new server speed

    Note also that 48h before the end of the Exodus you cannot use and activate M.O.O.N.S.

    As an alliance founder having to re-create my alliance in the target universe, do I have to wait out the 14 day cooldown before I can set the alliance class for free?

    No. For merged accounts in the target universes, the 14 day cooldown has been temporarily waived, meaning you should be able to assign your free alliance class immediately. Once the Global Merge has finished, this cooldown will be reinstated.

    What happens at the end of the Global Merge if I don’t select any target?

    Your account, if an active account, will be randomly transferred to one of the targets from your group.

    If you have active fleet missions, they will be deployed immediately without any Deuterium cost reimbursed.

    What happens at the end of the Global Merge with the remaining Exodus accounts?

    The remaining accounts will be transferred to one of the targets:

    • Active account without VM: the account is randomly transferred to one of the targets and stays with VM until the first login;
    • Active account with VM: the account is randomly transferred to one of the targets and stays with VM;
    • Inactive account (<35d): the account is randomly transferred to one of the targets (VM accounts with VM, non-VM accounts without VM);
    • Inactive account (>35d, with purchased DM): the account is randomly transferred to one of the targets (VM accounts with VM, non-VM accounts without VM).


    Mobile App FAQ

    Do I need to move my account to another universe?

    Unfortunately, all accounts need to be moved. After the Global Merge is over, the server will be set in offline mode (not accessible) and then deleted.

    How can I choose a universe to move?

    First thing, you should consult the list of exodus and target universes (you can see the list of exodus universes and target universes here: LINK)

    Check to which universes you can move your account.

    How do I move my account?

    Unfortunately, is not possible to merge through the app so you have 2 options:

    1. If you want to choose a server to move:

    - you will have to access through a browser and for that, you will have to login with an email and password. To associate an email to your account: Tap on the top right icon in the lobby for the account settings and use the function "complete account details". Put in your email address and desired password and you'll convert your mobile account into a regular one.

    2. If you do not choose a server during the time given for that the system will move your account to one of the target universes.

    I moved my account/ my account was moved but now I don't see it anywhere.

    Wait and your account will appear. All active accounts are moved with vacation mode activated and until you click in "Play" the account will be in vacation mode. Attention: The vacation mode is automatically removed as soon as you login or click Play. If you want to continue in that mode, you need to activate it manually.

    Can take a bit until the account appears in the app after all systems are synchronized.

    I do not see any options to move my account.

    If you do not see any option to move your account wait a few minutes, the system needs to check what are your options. If you have accounts on all target servers, you may not get any option. You can let the system move randomly or you can contact support (https://ogame.support.gameforge.com)

    The system moved my account but now I have 2 accounts in the same universe.

    In OGame, you can only play one account per universe so you should contact support (https://ogame.support.gameforge.com) and explain your problem. They will inform you about your options and, if necessary, move your account manually.